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Sexual Wellness Centre

Say Bye to all the sexual health problems such as Erectile Dysfunction/Impotence, Premature Ejaculation, Low libido and so on.

At MedResearch Sexual Wellness Centre we work hard to serve the patients through effective treatments inclusive of medicine, therapies and regular consultation. Our doctors counsel the patients first, to make them comfortable and relaxed. Before rendering the treatment, we study your lifestyles to it's minute details, for a thorough analysis. This enables us to offer a perfect solution which is tailor made for you.

Meet our specialists in sex medicine, psychiatry, sexual health ,urology and diabetology. Our doctors help you feel comfortable, interact as a friend; understand your concerns, fears and psychological influences, without interpreting, or judging. Guiding you with the right references, understanding biological, psychological issues - and eventually putting together extensive experience and a scientific approach to overcome issues and help live a fulfilling and stress-free life.

MedResearch Sexual Wellness Centre is a warm and friendly place that has been making a considerable difference to individuals – young or old, single or couples, in a relationship or out of it - with our unique devices, drugs and care.

Genetic Predisposition Test

What does it mean to have a genetic predisposition to a disease? A genetic predisposition (sometimes also called genetic susceptibility) is an increased likelihood of developing a particular disease based on a person's genetic makeup. A genetic predisposition results from specific genetic variations that are often inherited from a parent. These genetic changes contribute to the development of a disease but do not directly cause it. Some people with a predisposing genetic variation will never get the disease while others will, even within the same family.

Genetic variations can have large or small effects on the likelihood of developing a particular disease. For example, certain mutations in the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes greatly increase a person's risk of developing breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Variations in other genes, such as BARD1 and BRIP1, also increase breast cancer risk, but the contribution of these genetic changes to a person's overall risk appears to be much smaller.

Medresearch Genome Research Centre doing research to bring and develop the field of Personalised Medicine in India, focusing on personalised genetic testing. We work jointly with medical doctors, genetic experts and with genetic laboratories located worldwide.

Genetic Predisposition Test Process

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Erectaid - The Best Aid For Erection

Erectaid Vacuum Constriction Device is a safe secure and easy to aid solution for men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction. Erectaid draws blood into the shaft of the penis and causes it to swell and become erect, by creating negative air pressure around the penis. Once the penis is erect, this erection is maintained with the help of a silicon ring, that by design reaches the bottom of penis shaft and prevents blood from flowing back to the body. This silicon ring can be left on safely for up to 30 minutes to allow for successful intercourse.


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Medicare Pharma an initiate of MedResearchIndia aims at turning new chemical entites into medications to be used safely and effectively by patients, thus effectively doing the Art of Pharmaceutics. MedResearchIndia emphasis on providing economical and effective safe drug delivery to humanity.

MedResearchIndia markets its own indigenous patended research products as well as dosage forms from Global Pharmaceuitical giants. We are duty-bound in providing economical, safe and effective medication to public without any compromise on its quality.

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